Hello, Internet!

Thanks for coming over! How are you? Oh wow, you smell really good. Mmm. Can I get another sniff real quick? Hey, where are you going? Wait. Don’t leave. Hey. Wait no please. You just got here! What? Get to the point? Okay! Okay, okay hold on!

Welcome to Palette Town!
Palette Town is a blog focusing on pretty things like makeup, but also entertainment things like whatever I’m watching on TV (right now, Jane the Virgin…) or what video game I’m playing (probably Pokemon). Now, I don’t claim to know more about makeup than anyone else in the world, and I also don’t claim to know more about Pokemon than anyone else in the world. However, I would say that I am probably the person who knows the most about makeup and also Pokemon in the world. Maybe. I’m at least in the Top 10, okay?


This is my face, in its natural resting position.

My name is Arvie. I like makeup, potatoes, knitting, Mindy Kaling, and lying down for long periods at a time. When I’m not lying down, I like to stand in Sephora and touch all the nice things I can’t afford. In my free time, I like getting all of my three friends together and playing Mario Party 7.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to stay as long as you like! I’m very lonely. Stay tuned for more posts from me!

You won’t regret this, I swear!