Heh heh heheheh…………….

So, the last time I posted here was in November of 2015. It is now September of 2015. Since my last post, I’ve graduated from college and started working at a great nonprofit in D.C. I finally quit my awful restaurant job. But I also gave up posting here for like almost a year…

nervous laughter

You see, what had happened was……….

Okay okay, listen. There’s a perfectly good explanation for this, I swear!

After my last post, I realized I needed to dial back the makeup craze juuust a little bit. I had spent more money than I ever had in a month, and looking at my bank statement just about gave me an anxiety attack. This blog was just encouraging bad habits that I didn’t want to encourage! At the time, my only source of income was my (admittedly, pretty well paying YET DEFINITELY ARDUOUS) restaurant job, and I needed to direct my funds towards like, my education and like, food and sustenance.

But! I think I’m ready to try to get back into this. I miss this blog, and I do love writing! Writing was basically the only thing I ever had an innate knack for, and I want to try to introduce more of it into my life.

When I initially thought of Palette Town, I wanted to incorporate the idea that I am a girl who loves makeup and clothes and cute things, but also loves really nerdy things like Pokemon and Stranger Things and Rooster Teeth. I’m going to try to be more well-rounded about that. Makeup does take up about 75% of my mental capacity, so I will definitely still post a lot about that!

Lastly, I am very aware that there is very little (and perhaps, zero) possibility that anyone is even reading this! And I need to be okay with that! Above all else, this blog is for me. You hear that, me? Don’t try to tell me I never do anything for you! I do stuff for you all the time! Now quit complaining.

Now that this somewhat-manic, messy wall of stream-of-consciousness text is out there, I can finally go pee. Sorry. TMI. But that’s literally all I can think of right now. I’ve been holding it forever. Um. Well. Bye!